Social Media Marketing

Why don’t you get it? You are losing!

How many people just don’t get it? I am astonished at the vast amount of people that actually don’t! You are on a path to losing if you are one of those people.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing? If you aren’t doing it here’s why you could lose your business!

Social media? I don’t have time for that! Could this statement be much the same thing as saying, “I don’t need to market my business”? In most cases, that turns out to be a big mistake that could cost you your business.

Marketing Snapchat Marketing Social Media Marketing

Using Snapchat as a marketing platform: Is it worthwhile?

Snapchat is currently the fastest-growing social media platform out there, and it’s hugely popular with the younger audience. At the moment few companies are using it for marketing, which gives you a unique opportunity to get a head start.

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THE TIME IS NOW! – What I learnt at INBOUND 2016

Two weeks ago today I was attending Hubspot’s INBOUND 2016 marketing seminar. The seminar was an absolutely incredible event that was filled with excitement, passion and large amounts of knowledge….

Marketing Social Media Marketing Twitter Marketing

Getting your brand across through Twitter

Twitter offers us a quick, easy way to connect with an audience, but it does have its share of disadvantages. Your message has to be short (there’s a 140 character…

LinkedIn Marketing Marketing Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn marketing: The 3 big social media marketing platforms

Recently, we talked about Facebook as marketing vehicle for business. It’s a great way of reaching the public, but what if you’re in a B2B situation? Reaching a professional audience…

Facebook Marketing Marketing Social Media Marketing

Facebook marketing for businesses – What every business needs to know!

Here’s why you should care about Facebook marketing for businesses Facebook marketing for businesses – why should anyone care? Well here’s why – Nowadays, there are many social media platforms,…