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With the proliferation of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, the creation of interesting, powerful content has become a must. The content of your post, be it text, video or animation, will drive viewers to your site and encourage those viewers to share your post with their friends. This, in turn, will drive

Instagram is all about the images – or is it? Well, you certainly need great images to turn Instagram into a marketing machine, but there’s more to it than posting eye candy and hoping for the best.

Your App: iOS, Android or Both?

You’ve got a great app idea. You’re going to make a packet if you can get the design and launch right. You’re excited! But now you’re wondering if you should go for iOS, Android or both.

How many people just don’t get it? I am astonished at the vast amount of people that actually don’t! You are on a path to losing if you are one of those people.

Social media? I don’t have time for that! Could this statement be much the same thing as saying, “I don’t need to market my business”? In most cases, that turns out to be a big mistake that could cost you your business.

Snapchat is currently the fastest-growing social media platform out there, and it’s hugely popular with the younger audience. At the moment few companies are using it for marketing, which gives you a unique opportunity to get a head start.

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